Lacoste 12:12 Chronograph

To celebrate it’s 85th anniversary, Lacoste released their latest 12.12 chronograph which is inspired by their classic polo shirt and carries the brand’s minimalist identity forward. The watch is available in three colors: black, navy blue and khaki. I picked the navy blue version to test out. View this post on Instagram Take the sands of time into your own hands ⏳|| Wearing @lacoste’s 12.12 … Continue reading Lacoste 12:12 Chronograph

Timberland’s Fall/ Winter collection of watches

Timberland, the American brand known for its range of outdoor wear, has unveiled its latest collection of timepieces for Fall and Winter. I got the chance to try on 3 of their eclectic set of watches from their latest collection that all retain Timberland’s rugged and durable ethos while remaining stylish. View this post on Instagram Wearing the rugged yet sophisticated Oswald watch from @timberland_me … Continue reading Timberland’s Fall/ Winter collection of watches

Manzil Downtown: Staycation Spot

The shorter working hours and relaxed atmosphere in the holy month of Ramadan often make it a great time to de-stress and unwind – and there’s no better way to do that than head for a staycation. I had the chance to spend my Ramadan weekend at Manzil Downtown – a 4-star property located just a stone’s throw away from Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. … Continue reading Manzil Downtown: Staycation Spot

6 Low-Key Things to do in Amsterdam

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I had the chance to visit the Netherlands and it’s capital, Amsterdam, for the very first time and came back with an intense appreciation for the canal-laden city. It has so much to offer than just the mix of drugs and debauchery the city has become infamous for. After a ton of questions, I’ve compiled a few things … Continue reading 6 Low-Key Things to do in Amsterdam