Lacoste 12:12 Chronograph

To celebrate it’s 85th anniversary, Lacoste released their latest 12.12 chronograph which is inspired by their classic polo shirt and carries the brand’s minimalist identity forward. The watch is available in three colors: black, navy blue and khaki. I picked the navy blue version to test out.

Look: My all-blue watch looked simple, sleek and no-nonsense – something I’ve come to associate with the Lacoste brand. The Crocodile logo placed at 3:00 in the case is a great touch and I also loved the anniversary logo etched out at the case back – this was the only sign that the watch is limited-edition. Like all Lacoste watches, it’s meant to go perfectly well with your tennis outfit

Wear-ability: The watch is extremely light on the wrist and is perfect to wear while playing sports or at the gym – it’s quickly become my go-to watch for everyday wear. The only trouble I faced was that the all-blue color of the watch paired with the slim hands made it difficult to read the time at certain angles of light.

Highs: Perfect for everyday wear, minimalist design, light feel

Lows: Inability to read time at certain angles due to the design

Verdict: The 12.12 Chronograph from Lacoste is an exquisite addition to Lacoste’s collection of simple, minimalist watches that stands out from the crowd thanks to it’s choice of 3 striking colors and it’s super-light feel.

Details: The watch is now available at all Hour Choice stores across the UAE and at

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