Timberland’s Fall/ Winter collection of watches

Timberland, the American brand known for its range of outdoor wear, has unveiled its latest collection of timepieces for Fall and Winter. I got the chance to try on 3 of their eclectic set of watches from their latest collection that all retain Timberland’s rugged and durable ethos while remaining stylish.

With a leather strap, stainless steel dial and glow-in-the-dark hands, the Oswald watch is unmistakably Timberland – rugged with a touch of sophistication. I love the carved imprint of the Timberland logo in the case, the watch adds a masculine, rugged touch to any street-style outfit. The watch comes with a perfectly-sized dial that is a great fit for those who are not a fan of bulky watches while the leather strap makes it a great fit for any wrist size.

My favourite pick from their collection has to be the gorgeous Rutherford watch (above) – I love the chronograph layout where the timepiece comes with a large stainless dial coupled with a polished midnight blue case. The large letters and glow-in-the-dark hands make it supremely easy to read in the dark while the large leather strap makes it a very comfortable everyday wear watch. My favourite part of the watch is its versatility, it looks just as good with a three-piece suit as it does with your ripped jeans and the blue dial helps add that extra pop of color to your outfit.


The all-black watch comes with a stainless steel strap and dial with glow-in-the-dark graphics and pointed hands thrown into the mix that help differentiate it from the other models. What I love the most about it is its lightweight feel.  The watch would look great paired with a colored bomber/ leather jacket or even a suit. If you want your black watch with a bit of an edge then this is definitely the timepiece for you!

Verdict: For those looking for a watch below 350 USD/ 1000 AED, Timberland’s range of watches are the perfect fit as they are sleek, sophisticated and comfortable for daily wear while retaining the brand’s rugged and active aesthetic.

Details: Visit rivoligroup.com/brand/timberland-2/tab1/watches/ to shop the watches online or head to Hour Choice stores across the GCC – don’t forget to use my discount code HA20 to get 20% off their entire range! 

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