7 Valuable Life Lessons I Learnt at Age 22

Your early 20’s are often a tumultuous ride with the transition to adulthood not being as easy as its made out to be. I feel grateful for all the ups and downs that have come my way this year and, as I turn 23 this month, I wanted to reflect back on the things I’d learnt this year and share them with you :).

  1. It’s okay to lose friends

.Life Lessons 1.gif

As you grow older, you are bound to drift apart from certain people (whether you like it or not) and its okay to lose people who do not bring any value to your life. The farther you stay away from those who bring their negative energy to the table (the whiners, the complainers etc.), the more you’ll see your own perspective towards life improve.

  1. Everything needs the right time to fall into place.Life Lessons 10.gif

I was always in a rush to get things done. I was in a rush to graduate from university – I graduated at 20 and was fortunate enough to start working at a multinational right away. Heck, I was even in a rush to settle down with that special someone. And then an unfortunate series hit me and made me realize to the importance to approach things one step at a time and let them fall into place.

  1. It’s okay to not have your life figured out (at any age)Life Lessons 5.gif

Growing up, I’ve always had society shove the idea down my throat that I need to have a job by 21, a growing career by 23 and that I should be married by 25. And this year I’ve realized, how extremely untrue that is. If you take things at your own pace, you are bound to be more successful at them.

  1. Material goods are only the grease to the wheels of happiness, not the source to itLife Lessons 4

We all know deep down that money cannot buy us happiness yet we splurge money over things we don’t need to make ourselves feel a little bit better. I’m guilty of that too but a few financial constraints this past year have made me realize how the happiness you derive from material items is only short-lived. A sense of gratitude for the all the little thing life blesses us with is what will truly allow us to be happy in the long-run.

  1. The best way to deal with toxic people is to forgive themLife Lessons 6.gif

It might be the hardest possible thing to do but the only way to truly let toxic people go is by forgiving them. From personal experience, I’ve realized the more hate I harbored for that toxic person in my life, the worst I felt and did. The only way to set myself truly free by forgiving that person and blessing them from the bottom of my heart.

  1. The mirror can be your biggest enemy or biggest friend – depending how you look at yourself

Life Lessons 2

A quick course in pranic healing and reading a few of Louise Hay’s works this past year opened my eyes to how important the way you look at yourself in the mirror is. What we see in the mirror every day is what life reflects back at you whether it’s your relationships, career or health. It’s either where you bring yourself down or you motivate yourself to become the best version of yourself.

7. It’s important to be alone

Life Lessons 8

Possibly the biggest lesson of all was learning the importance of being alone.  This was the year where I truly learnt to enjoy my company by travelling alone and finding joy in doing things by myself. While being surrounded by people you love and care about is a great blessing, it’s also important to give time to yourself and truly experience how awesome of a person you are, away from the noise and quick pace our lives move at.

And that’s all for now. Here’s hoping a lot of blessings come your away – let me know if you’ve learnt an important life lesson below as well!

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