2017 Honda CR-V: Urban Hero

I was always intrigued by the Honda brand and finally had my first-ever chance to drive one. The car I got to test for the weekend was the 2017 Honda CR-V – the latest guise of the world’s best-selling SUV that is loved by soccer moms all over.

Looks: The styling tries its level-best to shake off the soccer mom connotations with sharp LED front and tail lights, creases and edgy chrome rims that give the car the feel of an 80’s spaceship. The quirky and sprightly styling of the car sure does give it an upper hand over its mostly vanilla rivals like the Toyota RAV-4.


Interior: The SUV’s cabin has an upmarket feel throughout as well with the Touring version of the car being as well-kitted as any German luxury sedan – options included rear and front-view cameras, an interactive touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and a power tailgate. The fit and finish is way above what I would expect from a Honda with soft plastics used throughout.


The plethora of cubby holes and storage spaces meant that families will continue to love it as well. One thing I hated about the cabin, however, was that the gear stick was right below the touch screen which made changing gears a bit inconvenient.

Drive: The drive is the only place where the car falls a bit short of the mark. While the handling of the car is responsive, the weezy 4-cylinder turbocharged engine fails to give it the sprightly drive that it’s exterior might suggest.


That being said, the smooth ride will keep soccer moms and families more than satisfied. The car’s generous fuel economy is a definite plus too. If Honda wants to position this SUV towards the youth, it needs to consider pairing the car with a more capable engine that it deserves.

Highs: Attractive styling, premium interior loaded with features, favorable fuel economy

Lows: Dull driving dynamics, inconvenient gear stick

Verdict: In a fiercely-competitive segment, Honda stands out once again with the redesigned CR-V. The dull drive will probably not harm its status as the World’s Best-Selling SUV as it ticks all the other boxes.

Details: The Honda CR-V starts at 89,900 AED – visit honda.ae/ for more details.

*Note: Special thanks to the Performance Communications team!

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