Nom Nom Asia – Al Barsha, Dubai

There are plenty of Thai and Chinese restaurants dotting Dubai’s landscape and one of them is Nom Nom Asia, located in a quaint corner of Barsha.

Ambiance: The facing construction site didn’t make for a pleasant view, but the ambiance inside was classy and cosy – without being too in-your-face – with the black, red and white theme working well with the hanging lanterns.

Nom Nom 3.jpg
Papaya Salad

What we had: Papaya Salad [AED 24], Mongolian Stir Fry Beef [AED 36]. Stir Fry Rice [AED 36], Mango Sticky Rice [AED 27] and Fresh Thailand Coconut Water [AED 16]

The Papaya Salad we started off with wasn’t the right fit for my palette – it was too tangy for my liking, I’d recommend ordering it with prawns to add that extra crunch. For the main course, the Mongolian Stir Fry Beef and Stir Fry Rice we had were a winning combination – the beef was tender and had the perfect texture with just the right amount of sauce and vegetables. The Stir Fry Rice wasn’t as flavorful as I’d like though, especially considering the price.

Nom Nom 1
From left to right: Fresh Thai Cocounut Water, Prawn Crackers, Mongolian Beef, Stir Fry Rice

Finally, the Mango Sticky Rice was a delightfully sweet ending to my meal – it was clear that all the ingredients were freshly prepared and not frozen. The deliciously light mix of the warm sticky rice, cool coconut milk and freshly-cut mangoes made it one of the best Thai desserts I’ve tried in Dubai. The Fresh Thailand Coconut Water with its appealing presentation has to be my go-to drink for the hot Dubai summers, the fact that it was freshly sourced and cut gave it that extra edge.

Nom Nom 4
Sticky Mango Rice

Service: The servers were courteous and warm, especially for a busy afternoon – they were also well-versed with the menu and their specials.

Highs: Freshly-sourced ingredients add that extra quality to their food, welcoming ambiance

Lows: Awkward location, a few misses on the menu

Verdict: Nom Nom Asia surely stands out in a crowd of Thai and Chinese restaurants without breaking the bank – as long as you stick to their favorites.

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