Defy Dirt Fighter

As a man, I always appreciate a 2-in-1 skin fix that saves me time and money so I was excited at the prospect of receiving the DEFY Face Wash – what intrigued me about the product the most was that it doubles up as shaving cream too,

Packaging: The red-and-black packaging really helps convey the no-nonsense and masculine theme the product is going for. I loved reading the directions as well, especially the bit that said, “Now, wash it off like a man” – that really cracked me up!

Contents: As the name suggests, the product is meant to help wipe off all the dirt and oil that sticks to our faces due to pollution – the product’s claim to fame is its NVIRO-P formula, just a fancy name that suggests all its ingredients are naturally derived (including collagen, bitter orange oil, and sugar cane and lemon extracts).

Product: The product smells citrus-y when you first start applying it. Men with thick beards take note – the face wash is perfect to wash your beard with too and seeps into your skin pretty well.

Results: Once I washed it off, my skin did feel clean and refreshed, though it was quite dried out which had me rushing for the moisturizer.The fact that my beard felt clean too was a bonus. I couldn’t see an instant difference with my skin tone over time but my skin blemishes were a lot less visible as the product promised.

Verdict: A no-nonsense product that does what it claims, the fact that it doubles up as shaving cream is a plus point too – keep your moisturizer handy, though, because it does dry out your skin as well.

Details: Visit to know more

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