Chips and Dips: Snack City

I’ve always struggled to find a good spot for snacks while I go about my mall strolls in Dubai during the hot summer months – Chips and Dips aims to fill that void and is just what the name suggests, they claim to offer wholesome snacks paired with a delicious bunch of chips. I had the chance to sample the new snack stall at BurjumanCentre in Karama, Dubai.

Ambiance: The stall is a bit tricky to find, thanks to it being situated in a far-end corner of the food court. One good thing about that, though, is that there’s always ample seating.


What we had: We tried all the variety of dips ranging from their savory Indian, Mexican, American and Arabian offerings [ranging from AED 13 to AED 20], which we paired with a set of crunchy tortillas, fried Arabic bread, sliced white bread or za’atar [thyme] bread. There were dessert dips thrown into the mix as well including a chocolate dip, a cream cheese dip and a red velvet dip, which could be paired with a bowl of freshly-cut fruit, lotus biscuits and pretzel sticks.

My favorite dips were the Arabic ones including the No Limit Lebna (creamy Greek yogurt topped off with olives) and the Max Mutabbal (roasted eggplant with pomegranate seeds) – paired off with the za’atar bread, they got the home-made feel just right. The Mexican dips were great fare too, particularly the fresh-tasting guacamole, and I wish the nachos I always grabbed at the cinema tasted as good as this! I just wasn’t a fan of the Indian dips as the earthy taste of lentil didn’t really go well with any of the chips.

The red velvet dip was my favorite pick from the dessert dips and is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially if paired with their fresh-cut strawberries.

Verdict: Chips and Dips actually turns the chore of snacking at the mall into a treat -as long as you leave a few of their dips out of the picture – I can’t wait to see them pop up across all of Dubai!


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