Bernhard H Mayer Nauticus

I recently got my hands on the $2,600 limited-edition Bernhard H Mayer Nauticus – a luxury Swiss-made timepiece inspired by sailing.

Look: The waterproof watch comes with a black bezel and carbon-fibre black dial – the design would give any Rolex Daytona out there a run for it’s money. I’m not a huge fan of same colored bezels and dials though, they tend to wash a watch’s design out. My favourite bit of the watch is the caseback which puts all the mechanical parts on show – an element that drives the premium feel right home.

The watch is a great and understated complement to your formal wear

Wear-ability: The watch is deceivingly lightweight and the stainless steel metal is as comfortable as any Rolex or Omega out there. It fits snugly on the wrist too and is a great wear for people with smaller wrists as well with the dial coming in at the perfect size.

Highs: Comfortable and lightweight on the wrist, premium feel

Lows: Monochrome (black-on-black) design, high price tag

Verdict: If you’re into monochrome designs and have around 6000 AED to spare on a limited-edition watch from a relatively lesser-known brand, then the Nauticus should be right up your lane

^Details: The watch is available to purchase at – special thanks to the Majlis PR Team

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