Bernhard H. Mayer Striker

I recently got my hands on the Swiss-made Striker from Bernhard H. Mayer, a brand with a 100-year pedigree that is set to make its mark in the Gulf region.

Look: At first glance, the Striker does not come across as a sports watch with its hefty weight, emerald green bezel and it’s diamond-patterned crown etched with the brand logo. It’s football-inspired design only becomes apparent through a closer look at its crown and the rubber strap. It’s sophistication-meets-sports design makes it well-worth the 6,000 AED price tag would suggest – best of all, it can be worn just as easily with a suit or a pair of track pants.

Wear-ability: In an age of slim and slinky smartwatches, the Striker’s bulky weight and feel makes it less than ideal for sports use. What it is perfect for, though, is everyday use – especially for guys who like their watches heavy and believe that a watch’s worth is in its weight! The rubber strap is light, egronomic and comfortable and helps balance out the big-weighted case.


Highs: Appealing and versatile design paired with attractive details such as a football timer

Lows: Too heavy for a sports watch

Verdict: The Striker is an ideal choice for bulky watch lovers who want an everyday wear that looks premium without breaking the bank

^ Now available at at a price of AED 6,000 – special thanks to the Majlis PR Team


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