Red Lion: A Piece of Britain in Dubai

A storied old Dubai favourite, the Metropolitan Hotel, was demolished to make way for the glitzy Al Habtoor City, but the 4-star hotel has now found a new home in a bustling Umm Suqeim neighborhood right off Sheikh Zayed Road. Once the favorite pub of the city, The Red Lion, has moved with it too and I headed there recently to try their Saturday roast beef offer.


Ambiance: With club football playing in the background, Union Jacks and “Keep Calm and Carry On” signs splattered across the area and the generous use of wood, it doesn’t get more British than The Red Lion – there were dart boards too for those looking for an extra dose of fun. Overall, the welcome ambiance made it a great place to hang out with your friends.

What We Had: Their 79 AED supper option that gave you the choice of chicken, roast beef or vegatables.


While the presentation was enticing, the dry texture of the roast beef took away from what could’ve been a great steak – you needed to overcompensate with tons of gravy (which was probably the meal’s saving grace) to make up for it. My dining partners weren’t too impressed with their chicken and vegetarian choices either and thought that Dubai had much better British meals to offer. They were pleased, though, with their wide array of drinks and choices and the warm and courteous service from the busy service staff as well.


Highs: Welcoming ambiance that gives you a slice of Britain and a great choice of drinks

Lows: Disappointing food

Verdict: Even it’s latest iteration, the Red Lion has to be one of the best pubs in Dubai – their food isn’t the best, though.

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