Yas Super Street Challenge: Petrolhead Heaven

If you’re a motorsport fan, you’ll find a lot of events to attend in the U.A.E and the Yas Super Street Challenge should be on your list. Even though I don’t find drag racing as exciting to watch as circuit racing, for AED 50 the event was definitely worth heading to the Capital for.


Racers competed  across five categories including ‘4×4 Super Street SUV’; ‘Index 11.5’; ‘Index 10.5’; ‘Index 9.0’ and ‘Super Street – Open Category’ and the track played host to every car imaginable from souped-up 90s Nissans to stock Lamborghinis.

Highs: Seeing all the smoke, burnt rubber and the stunning modified that drivers put their blood, sweat and tears into was an amazing experience

Lows: The clueless event security weren’t of much help


Verdict: If you’re passionate about fast cars then you really need to put the Yas Super Street Challenge – it takes all the racing on the streets and puts it back where it belongs: on the track

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