Shakeism Milkshakes: Now Shaking Up Jumeirah

Dubai’s beloved milkshake joint has now opened a branch in Jumeirah 1 and I was invited there to test their refurbished menu – with the advent of so many freakshake joints in the city, does Shakeism still hold its spot?


Ambiance: It’s industrial, hip and sparsely decorated with my favorite part being the quirky artwork that depicts the eatery’s selection of shakes. It’s not as cosy as your favourite Starbucks but its definitely a place where a lot of Dubai’s cool kids will come to chill.

What we had: Don Pablo (AED 27), Frankenstein (AED 27), Bandito Cheese Sandwich (AED 18) and Nutella Waffle (AED 12)


The Don Pablo ice cream shake was a tantalizing concoction of cookie spread, salted caramel and lotus biscuit and is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. The Frankenstein, on the other hand, is a bit of an acquired taste with its cooling mix of Mint, Mint Chocolate and Milk Chocolate – only stick to it if you’re a mint aficionado.


Both their shakes are packed with filling flavor and you can say the same for the food too – the Bandito Sandwich is an oozing mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese peppered with jalapenos and salsa. The dash of spice in the warm sandwich is a perfect complement to the eatery’s sweet shakes. Add their Nutella Waffle with its soft, gooey texture to the mix and it’s comfort food at its finest!

Service: The service was friendly, as always, with the founder sharing his passion and love for food very eloquently

Highs: Indulgent shakes and great-tasting food

Lows: Congested seating arrangement

Verdict: Shakeism still has to be one of the best places for comfort food in Dubai – every one of their menu items is worth a try!

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