5 Reasons You Need to Visit IMG Worlds

Situated close to Global Village in Dubai, the largest indoor theme park in the world packs a lot of punch with 4 Zones that cater to all ages: the IMG Boulevard, the Cartoon Network Zone, the Marvel Zone and the Lost Valley (which might as well be called Jurassic Park).

While the comic-book geek in me ogled over all the Marvel Zone attractions including the spinning Spider-Man roller-coaster, my 7 and 11-year-old nieces loved the Cartoon Network Zone while the Lost Valley was a very close replica of the Jurassic Park I saw at Universal Studios in Florida

  1. The Discounted Price: The entire of IMG Worlds’ 22 attractions can be accessed at just 195 AED, that’s a lot cheaper compared to Dubai Parks and Resorts’ specific offerings and Ferrari World too.
  2. The Velociraptor: The fastest and tallest roller-coaster in Dubai (located at the end of the Lost Valley) is well worth the hype with its stomach-churning twists and turns. It’s tamer sister, the Predator roller-coaster, is a nice source of adrenaline rush for the less-adventurous too.


3. The entire Marvel Zone: A heaven on earth for any fan of the superhero franchises (i.e: me!), just the comic-book memorabilia located inside the several stores dotted across the zones make it worth a visit. If that’s not enough, there’s two 3D simulations based on the Avengers (inspired from the comics and not the movies) and the Hulk while there’s a spinning roller-coaster based around the story of Spider-Man and baddie Doc Oc.


4. The classy fine-dining restaurant named Tony’s Skydeck: While the food was just about average and quite over-priced, the ambient marriage of geek and classy at Tony’s Skydeck Restaurant makes it worth a visit – you get an inside peek into how it would be like to dine with Tony Stark / Iron Man!

5. The Amazing World of Gumball: The unique mix of shooting and 3D simulation make this ride a worthwhile experience, based on the cartoon of the same name, you’re sure to enjoy as much as the kids will!

Highs: A lot of attractions (22 to be exact) for the money

Lows: Confusing layout, more dining areas than actual attractions

Verdict: A must-visit for any theme park junkie in Dubai – its indoor nature makes it perfect for the summer months too!

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