5 Steps to Make your New Year’s Resolutions Work

It’s the second week of January and you haven’t gotten anywhere: you haven’t managed to stop dosing on your favourite chocolate cake and you haven’t managed to stop getting mad at your partner – in short: your New Year’s resolutions have failed.

You did seem motivated at the start of the year but now change seems far-fetched and impossible. Fear not – you always have the capacity to start again. Here’s a few steps I’ve followed to keep myself going:

  1. Open up to the idea of change:

Remember change is constant, in order to change, we must be willing to whole-heartedly accept the idea of change. We set unrealistic resolutions for ourselves when we’re not even open to the idea of change to begin with.

The greatest thing I’ve found handy in letting changes happen in my life is the power of affirmation – yes it might sound crazy, but if you repeatedly say something to yourself, the chances are you likely will get it done. Tell yourself “I am willing to change” and you’ll actually see it happen at a conscious and subconscious level!

Self-help guru Louise Hay says, “positive affirmations plant healing thoughts and ideas¬†that support you in developing self-confidence and self-esteem,¬†and creating peace of mind and inner joy.”

2. Take baby steps:

Understand that our old habits cannot just change overnight, we have to be willing to make small changes everyday until we reach our main goal – again, instead of guilt-tripping yourself, try appreciating the little changes you make – give yourself a little pat on the back if you eat a smaller portion of dessert while you’re on your way to cutting them out completely.

3. Focus on the positive:

Instead of focusing on NOT eating that chocolate cake, focus on eating a healthier diet. Instead of focusing on NOT being mad, focus on being calmer and more accepting of people’s actions and flaws – focus on the positive aspect and end-goal of your resolution and you’ll come closer to reaching it. Instead of resisting the negative aspects of your resolution, open yourself up to accepting the positive outcomes of them.

4. Put an end to the guilt-tripping

We need to break the cycle of guilt that we surround ourselves when we don’t follow through with our resolution – we need to stop putting ourselves down everytime we fail and rather build and encourage ourselves to succeed – because we, in the end, are our best cheerleaders.

If you end up indulging in that dessert you were trying to avoid or shout at your partner unnecessarily, don’t feel guilty or consider yourself a failure – instead, encourage yourself to succeed and affirm to yourself that you’re willing to change and reach your goal.

5. Note down your progress

Keep a note of how well you’re doing and appreciate yourself for every little progress you make – whether it’s on a notepad or any smartphone app. If you’re not moving forward, don’t put yourself down but, rather, encourage yourself to keep going – believe that you are more than capable of reaching your end-goal.

Good luck to you – I hope this year is filled with greatness, happiness and joy for you and you set out to achieve all the goals you set for yourself!

– HT

^Special thanks to my Pranic Healing teacher Farkhanda Khan for endowing me with the knowledge to write this post

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