#GroomingHack: The Humble Rose Water Spray

If you’re like me and are too lazy to wash your face during the day then I’ve got an affordable #GroomingHack for you:

Men usually suffer from oilier skin than most women out there so it’s pretty essential for us to wash our face during the day as we go about accumulating dust and oil on our faces

The best way to do that at an affordable price is to get the Marhaba Rose Water Spray – rose water not only removes excess oil, it also reduces the redness of irritated skin and helps fight acne – best of all, it’s great to reduce post-shaving irritation as well!


Just spray it on your face twice 1 – 2 times during the day – you’ll feel fresher too!

All you have to do is get over the stigma of using a product in pink packaging and head to a store selling Pakistani products located in your area.

Happy grooming :)!

– HT

^ Head to the Pakistani Supermarket in Karama, Dubai to get your Marhaba Rose Water Spray – you can also purchase it online from shop.khanapakana.com

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