Truckload: GMC Sierra ZL1

I recently got the chance to drive the GMC Sierra ZL1 – a road-ready beast which screams “Get out of my way!”

Looks: With its sharp LED headlights, high ride height and boxy silhouette, the ZL1 clearly knows how to dominate the road with its simple, functional design. It’s GM group sibling, the Cheverolet Silverado looks better though, thanks to it’s edgy headlights and styling.


Interior: The simple, functional design carries over to the utilitarian interior as well- it comes decked out with tons of cubby holes and storage space which can come in extremely handy during long trips while the seats are super-supportive too and perfect for off-roading. Meanwhile, the infotainment system does what it’s meant to but isn’t much to brag about. On the negative side, you can also find some hard plastics in the cabin which take away from its premium feel while the two-door configuration makes it impractical for family use. Overall, the interior isn’t a bad place to be in but it certainly doesn’t feel as premium as its rivals from Ford and Toyota.


Drive: The SLE is the Sierra’s most powerful guise where it comes loaded with a 5.3-litre V8 engine mated to a 8-speed transmission – its pack with tons of grunt and power but lacks precision. The throttle response isn’t as refined but the handling isn’t as shoddy as you’d expect for a car of this weight and height – it’s sheer power ensures that its got great towing capability and could work well off-road too. My favorite part of the drive is the muscle-car worthy exhaust note which makes it feel like the truck has the soul of an old Camaro. Like old muscle cars, the car is exciting to drive in a straight line and is the perfect weapon for highway-tailgating too – I would definitely move out of the way if I saw it coming in my rear-view mirror!

Highs: The grunt and power of the V8, road-dominating looks

Lows: Not the best interior in its class, lack of driving precision

Verdict: The GMC Sierra SLE is a capable truck with some rough edges – if you’re willing to overlook them, it can take you far on and off the road.

^This car is now available at Reem Automobiles for 175,000 AED, call 04-3436333 for more information or visit



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