Meet D3: Triple the Fun

With the weather cooling down, Dubai is playing host to several art and culture festivals across the city. My favorite one yet has to be Meet D3 which came stacked with several edgy and quirky art installations, food trucks from Dubai’s best eateries and performances from British vocal powerhouses and up-and-comers Callum Scott and Jess Glynne. And the best thing of all, the entire event is free to access for the whole public. (The featured image was taken at an art installation at the event – a painted canopy aimed to replicate kaleidoscopic feelings)

Favourite Art Installation: While there were a ton of gorgeously decked-out (and even thought-provoking) installations throughout D3, my absolute favorite was “The Lucid Dream” by Rubin Sanchez which illustrated the thin line between our consciousness and our dreams – his work reminded me of Pablo Picasso’s trippy Cubism-era paintings. Millenials like myself also flocked to Satwa 3000’s GIF Paradise, where you could pose and get a life-size gif of yourself – how cool is that!

Rubin Sanchez.jpg

The Lucid Dream by Rubin Sanchez

Music Performances: The performances I got to see were those of Callum Scott and Jess Glynne. Callum Scott’s vocals were incredible as he swayed through covers from the Beatles, Robyn (including his hit “Dancing on My Own) and Ed Sheeran adding his own distinct touch to every one of them with diverse range.


A heartfelt performance of his next single “Rhythm Inside” showed that he’s clearly got the chops to become the next biggest thing in indie-pop music.

Scott’s somber setlist was a great warmup for Jess Glynne’s energetic and upbeat performance. She strode in wearing shimmery pants with a black blazer and vintage sunglasses – looking every bit a pop diva she’s so worthy of being, breezing through hits such as “No Place I’d Rather Be” and “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself”. Her vocals too never really missed the mark, although she had steady support from two of her backing vocalists and didn’t really put on any choreography on show (unlike her pop peers). Put simply, this has to be the best free concert I’ve ever attended with both the acts hitting it out of the park with their stage presence.

There isn’t much of a verdict I can give on a free event but here it goes anyway..

Verdict: It’s a great time to be living in Dubai and lifestyle events like Meet D3 are just one of the many reasons why – it not only satiated the appetite of art fanatics but millennials, kids and music-lovers as well!

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