Zaroob: Street Feels

Zaroob has become one of the premier Arab eateries in Dubai with branches across the city and is now set to get even better with a revamped desert menu. I was invited to test their new menu at their Palm Jumeirah Golden Mile Galleria branch.


Ambiance: It doesn’t match up to the lively, street-inspired kitschy vibe of the original Sheikh Zayed Road branch but the lighting, gathra lanterns and metal walls do lighten up the surroundings. The outdoor area included a generous use of wood and canopies which complemented the serene surroundings of the Galleria. Most of their chairs were quite uncomfortable to sit for an hour, though, and do need a redesign.

What we had: We started off with the old favorites Fattoush (arabic salad), Fried Halloumi, Hummus and Tabbouleh – the quality ingredients shone through all the dishes and really set our palette up for the next few offerings.

Next up were the two main courses: the Minced Meat F’teer (arabic crepe) and Garlic Chicken Mana’eesh (arabic sandwich) – once again, the quality of the meat and chicken made both the dishes a winner.

For drinks, I ordered Fruit Cocktail (28 AED) which tasted perfectly fresh with its layers of strawberry, guava and mango juice tasted perfectly fresh and is definitely one of the best you can get in Dubai.


Finally, we tried out their new set of desserts: Cheesecake Jallab, Ghazal Beirut, Date Pudding and Osmaliyah. My favorites were the rosy Cheesecake Jallab and the Ghazal Beirut. The Cheesecake Jallab (a rosewater drink) was your perfect cheesecake topped off with a delectable rose water jam while the Ghazal Beirut was a crunchy delight with a milk pudding bottom.


Highs: Hip ambiance, quality Arabic fare at an affordable price

Lows: Uncomfortable seats

Verdict: Zaroob has deservedly earned its crown as one of Dubai’s premier Arab eateries and it’s Palm Jumeirah branch carries on its legacy – their new desserts give you even more reasons to head there!

^For reservations or orders, you can call Zaroob at 04 5513883 or 800927662

*Special thanks to White Label ME

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