Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Panda: The Black & White of Watches

I’m so glad to be back doing a watch review again – this time I tried on the popular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Panda, while the name may sound bizarre this watch is anything but that.

Look: The Swiss maker’s Royal Oak Panda’s design is a perfect marriage between raw ruggedness and gentlemanly sophistication. I love the screwed-in stainless steel case coupled with the textured tricolored (red, black and silver) dial which helps add a racy touch to it while making it readable at night too. The stainless steel strap works better with the watch’s stunning design as well, compared to the standard leather strap. At around 60,000 AED, this timepiece really knows how to make a statement without being too aesthetically loud.

Wearability: This watch’s weight and size lies somewhere between a Rolex and Hublot – it feels heavy yet comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Now, I carry the orthodox belief that a watch’s worth is in its weight so it works well for me. But the bulky size might turn some people off and prevent it from turning it into an everyday-use watch (which sucks because it can go just as well with your suit or a pair of jeans).

Highs: Gorgeous design that is a great mix of sporty and sophisticated

Lows: Bulky weight and size makes it unfavorable for everyday use

Verdict: A stunning timepiece that is worth the approximate 60,000 AED price tag if you  like bulky watches and want to stand out from the crowd of Rolexes and Hublots

^Available now at Cleopatra Watches – you can find them on Instagram @cleopatrawatches or call them at +971502553602 for more details


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