Ferrari 488 GTB: Red Hot Alert

It’s a great time to be alive – you can order food from the comfort of your home and supercars are incredibly easy to drive. The supercar that I’m particularly talking about is the stunning Ferrari 458 GTB – which I had the privilege of driving for the day.

Looks: The all-new Ferrari doesn’t look that all-new as it’s pretty much the same as its predecessor (the 458 Italia) with bits and pieces from the equally-gorgeous LaFerrari mixed in. And that’s not a bad thing, as the 488 has to be one of the most stunning cars on the road. Every angle and crevice isn’t just functional (this is one of the most aerodynamic production cars) but makes the car look like a million dirhams (which it is, by the way) – I love the sculpted bulges on the A-pillar and the new smoky rear tail-lights.


Interior: The interior hasn’t received much of an upgrade either. The annoying driver-centric infotainment is still there (my poor passenger had nothing to fiddle with during our trip) with the screen and controls out of reach for passengers. The indicator and dimmer switches are, frustratingly, still on the steering wheel which can get particularly tricky to use when you’re turning the car.

Drive: Let’s be honest, the drive is what matters the most when you’re behind the wheel of a Fezza and there’s no prizes for guessing that this car is blisteringly fast. Bullet-train fast – thanks to the magnificent 661 hp V8 that sits bang in the middle. The roaring exhaust noise is gloriously loud and just as dramatic as the car’s exterior, particularly in Race mode – the car comes equipped with Sport and Wet mode (which UAE drivers will never really use) as well, because who needs comfort in a Ferrari?

But the 488 provides that too: the car is silky-smooth in city traffic, especially in Sport. The magnetic suspension (which can be summoned at the touch of a button) also enhances comfort and makes the ride a lot smoother than the best from Lamborghini. It doesn’t compromise on handling either, as the car devours every corner with ferocity while the equal weight distribution ensures it always stays firmly planted on the road. So the classic Ferrari driving thrill remains unchanged in the 488 with a few creature comforts thrown into the mix.

Verdict: The lack of massive upgrades in the 1.3 million AED 488 means you should just stick to the old 458 – the looks and the cabin remain the same with a few tweaks to the drive. The rest of us can just gawk at its stunning beauty – as I said, it’s a great time to be alive.

^Special thanks to Reem Automobiles, visit their website for more details or call them at +971 4 343 6333

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