Walnut Grove comes to Dubai

The South African boutique dining concept has opened its first branch in the city and after a long Thursday night around Citywalk, I decided to head there for a light dinner.

Ambience: The ambiance definitely put the ’boutique’ in boutique dining with ample use of copper, mirrors and soft lighting throughout the restaurant and an open kitchen placed in the far-center. I particularly loved the copper and gold-tinged plates and the waiting staff’s quirky uniforms – it’s something you don’t see often at Dubai restaurants!

What we had: To start, I had the Cosanostra Chicken Salad (79 AED) which tasted fresh and delicious – the chicken strips were juicy  and I was a huge fan of the harissa-like dressing and the milky goat cheese. For the main course, I had the Parmesan Almond Chicken Breast (79 AED) which was another winner – it was tender and cooked to perfection where the parmesan cheese and almond flakes made for quite an interesting mix. Turns out, the country of origin is not the only similar thing between Tasha’s and Walnut Grove, the menu options are very similar and so is the emphasis on fresh ingredients and home-cooked taste.

Service: The waiters were cordial and prompt, they were very well-versed in the menu and the restaurant’s brand too.

Highs: Fresh, great-tasting food, classy ambiance and quirky cutlery

Lows: Outdoor seating would’ve been an added bonus at a venue like Citywalk

Verdict: Walnut Grove is a great alternative to Tasha’s if you’re into fresh, wholesome food coupled with an upscale atmosphere

^This review was not part of a tasting session and the food was ordered at our behest

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