Beau and Eve: Salalah Oud Scrub

First up, I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and love on this platform – I’m excited to bring great new topics to the mix as we move further with our quest to find the best.

Now, for the review – I’ll be honest, like most men out there, my skincare routine has been sporadic at best and exfoliation is not something I do often with St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub being my only call for getting a quick face scrub.

I was quite intrigued, then, when local skincare brand Beau and Eve sent over their “Salalah Oud” scrub named after Oman’s tourist city famed for its frankincense.

Packaging: The packaging of the product is quite minimalist – it comes in a plastic resealable bag which can be closed to protect the scrub from moisture.

Contents: It’s nice to read a skincare product’s ingredients and actually understand what they all mean for once – ground coffee, organic argan oil, ground argan kernel and virgin organic coconut oil – all the elements are famed for their efficacy and particularly interest me as someone with oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin. They also justify the AED 115 price tag.

Product: The name only makes sense when you get to smell the product, it gives strong earthy tones with a strong scent of coffee set off by the faint whiff of frankincense – I was blown away by it! Any coffee lover, like myself, would be tempted to put the product in a warm glass of milk and drink it. The scrub isn’t liquidy or gooey like the usual over-the-counter scrubs with microbeads, instead, its made up of microbeads entirely which can dissolve if rubbed vigorously.

Results: I instantly felt refreshed and energized after scrubbing the product on and washing it off after 5 minutes – I definitely saw a reduction in the visible appearance of my pores and acne scars on my face, proof that the product did its trick! My face smelled like coffee too for pretty much the rest of the day (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your caffeine preference).

Verdict: The “Salalah Oud” definitely does what it promises while smelling great too – the price might be a bit on the higher end but it’s worth a try if you’ve always looked for an organic, natural scrub that is cruelty-free and has no harmful environmental impact.

^The Salalah Oud scrub is available to purchase at

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