Panerai Luminor Bronzo: Bronze Age

First Impressions: On first look, the limited-edition Panerai – one of the few models in the world to be crafted from bronze – does not impress or evoke the same feelings that watches belonging to a $30,000 range. It makes me almost question all the hype surrounding it when it launched – the design reminds me of a basic leather Swatch that I owned in my teenage years – which is not a good thing for a watch of this price and stature. I started taking my words back, though, as soon as I wore the watch and started noticing its exquisite details including its gorgeous bronze dial.

Look: The watch looks simple and restrained with a brown leather strap, a bronze case and a green-black dial with florescent-white detailing. The longer I wore the watch, the more I noticed its craftsmanship – the engraving on the case, the bronze cover around the crown – features which subtly helped enhance an otherwise simple watch that collectors will love.

Wearability: The Italian timepiece felt sturdy and heavy on the wrist (nothing like how my old Swatch did), largely thanks to the bronze case, and is not meant for connoisseurs who like their watches light-weight. This is a perfect fit for those who think a watch’s worth is measured in its weight. Meanwhile, the leather strap is extremely comfortable and grasps the wrist smoothly but does lose its sheen over time like any other leather product (which is why I’m not a huge fan of them).

Highs: The limited edition nature of the watch make it a great long-term investment while the bronze dial adds an air of uniqueness to the timepiece, the stunning details of craftsmanship seen throughout the watch are a plus too.

Lows: Looks a bit average for watch that costs over $30,000 (and might remind you of your old leather-strapped Swatch).

Verdict: A restrained and simple work of craftsmanship which might not become your everyday watch but is worth the purchase just because of its solid investment and limited-edition credentials.

Details: The watch is available at Cleopatra Watches at Dubai Gold Souk – contact them at +971502553602 or visit their Instagram page @cleopatrawatches

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