Hublot Ferrari Big Bang

First Impressions: This limited-edition carries the classic design elements of its siblings with the screwed-in, hexagonal bezel and sturdy dial size but with a racing twist that is emphasized by the generous use of carbon-fiber and red stitching on the leather strap

Look: This watch certainly looks like the lovechild of a classic Hublot watch and a Ferrari 458 – the design is eye-catching and unique and certainly sets it apart from any other timepiece on the market

Wearability: This watch’s massive proportions are quite deceptive as it’s extremely light-weight and easy-to-wear (in part, thanks to its leather strap as well) unlike its siblings, which look gorgeous on the wrist, but get tedious to wear for long hours – the fact that the scratches on it’s carbon-fiber body are irreversible might discourage you from wearing it every day though.

Highs: That stunning carbon-fiber body and it’s unique design

Lows: It’s prone to permanent scratches, not a huge fan of leather straps on watches that cost above $30,000

Verdict: A watch for a collector who is looking for something out of the ordinary without compromising on comfort and wearability

Details: The watch is available at Cleopatra Watches at Dubai Gold Souk – contact them at +971502553602 or visit their Instagram page @cleopatrawatches

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