Porsche Design 911 Chronograph

First impressions: With a stainless steel case, black dial and black rubber strap, the Porsche Design 911 Chronograph looks sleek and restrained, much like the car that it was named after

Look: This particular timepiece comes with a UAE flag perched at the top and dials reflecting their colors- it’s a neat touch, goes well with the entire look of the watch and does not feel forced or contrived.

Wearability: The watch is absolutely perfect for everyday wear, with the rubber strap making for a comfortable and easy grip and the stainless steel dial feeling quite lightweight compared to similar watches I’ve worn.

Highs: The comfort and daily use nature of the watch make it a winner for me.

Lows: The watch’s design might be too simple, restrained or ‘blah’ for watch-connoisseurs who want to show their love for the UAE.

Verdict: At $718 (2460 AED), you can certainly get a flashier and edgier watch, but the classic look of the watch, combined with the premium feel and the fact that it looks just as great with jeans or a suit, make it a worthy of being a valuable addition to my collection!



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